Two Raisin Grape Harvesting Technologies:

   Continuous Tray


Lettuce Harvesters


   Oscillating Blade

Leafy Green Harvesters

Large Crops

   Spinach and Parsley

   Lettuce Greens

Small Crops

   Salad Greens I

   Salad Greens II

Strawberry Harvesters

   Agrobot ground harvester

   Hanging Fruit Harvester

   Strawberry Picking Machine

Apple Harvester


   Built-in shaker and collector unit

   Shaker and collector separate

Grape Harvester

   Loose grapes

Tomato Harvester

   Modern tomato harvester

Other Fruits and Vegetables

   Carrot Harvester

   Beet Harvester

   Corn harvester

   High-density harvester for cannery peaches