Links to the papers available to date follow:

Keynote: J. Edward Taylor 

Session I – Migration off the Farm

Phil Martin, The Prosperity Paradox: Fewer and More Vulnerable Farm Workers

Diane Charlton, Development of Agricultural Supply through Structural Changes in Labor Inputs

Alexandra Hill, The Labor Supply of U.S. Agricultural Workers

Mateusz Filipski, Emigration and Rising Wages in Myanmar: Evidence from Mon State

Session II – Technology

Md. Fuad Hassan, Let’s Get Mechanized - Labor Market Implications of Structural Transformation in Bangladesh

Oliver Kirui, Agricultural Mechanization in Africa: Micro-Level Analysis of Drivers & Effects

Stavros Vougioukas & Spyros Fountas, Smart Automation in the Agri-Food Chain: State of the Art, Prospects and Impacts on Workforce Demands

Jeongha Kim, Innovative Technology in the Agricultural Sectors: Opportunities for Green Jobs or Exacerbation of Rural Youth Unemployment?

Session III – Agricultural Value Chain

Ryan Edwards, Spillovers from Agricultural Processing

Miet Maertens, Creating More and Better Jobs in Global Food Value Chains

Tom Reardon, Spatialized Links Between the Agri-Food System and Employment in Tanzania

Ian Walker, The Distribution of Returns to Contract Farming in Mozambique Between Farmers and Aggregators: A Jobs-Linked Externality Approach

Session IV – Transformation

Madhur Gautam, Labor Productivity, Rural Incomes and Structural Transformation

Fantu Bachewe, Labor Markets in Transforming Agricultural Economies: The Case of Ethiopia

Chris Barrett, Structural Transformation and Intertemporal Evolution of Agricultural Labor Force, Machine Use, and Farm Size - Productivity Relationships in Vietnam

Session V – Youth Employment

Louise Fox, Economic Participation of Rural Youth: What Matters?

Luc Christiaensen, Are African Youth Leaving Agriculture en Masse?

Aslihan Arslan, Gender Gaps in Off-farm Youth Employment: A Spatial Approach              

Rui Benfica, Who Works in Agriculture? Exploring the Dynamics of Youth Involvement in the Agri-Food System of Tanzania and Malawi

Session VI – Gender

Kajal Gulati, Intrahousehold Valuation, Preference Heterogeneity, and Demand for an Agricultural Technology in India

Anuja Kar & Vanya Slavchevska, Male Outmigration and Women’s Work and Empowerment in Agriculture: The Case of Nepal and Senegal

Berber Kramer, Gender and Preferences for Non-Farm Income Diversification: A Framed Field Experiment in Ghana